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How to Get Insight into Competitors With Workforce Intelligence


No matter the workforce, there will always be competition. To truly understand a business’s competitors, you must gain insight into how and what they are doing well. Workforce intelligence allows you to gather the information you need to one-up the competition. 

Workforce Intelligence: What Is It? 

This may be a common term in the business world, but it may not be completely understood by the general public. In layman’s terms, workforce intelligence is a tool used to understand workplace patterns. From employment to financial cost efficiency trends, you can view data online immediately. You could use a simple search engine to attempt to see how a competitor is doing, but will it be factual, and will it truly help? That is why workforce intelligence was created. 

How Does This Type of Intelligence Help?

Workforce intelligence works in ways that most businesses had no idea were possible. Certain workforce collects data from years ago, including current and even future trends. There are thousands of public and private records that are helpful to business owners and investors. This information may be a bit difficult to understand. 


Workforce intelligence helps you analyze your competitors in several ways. This data is found and collected from different resources and then sourced into groups. These groups can be customized to your specific needs. If you’re a marketing company, you can filter out all other companies that have no reason to be competition.

Combating Issues

Every company has its own issues. Workforce intelligence enables you to find the issues you’re having and combat them before they become advantageous for competitors. When collecting data regarding issues in the workplace it is easy to find the issue that happened. What is more difficult and more important to find is the reason behind the issue. Workforce tools can find the why behind the issues your company may be facing. It also helps business owners find ways to prevent these problems from happening over and over again. 


You may have competitors that are somehow recruiting your employees for their company. Workforce tools will help you navigate the reasons behind employee attrition and how to retain them. These devices can assist you in planning bonuses for employees and what times are best to schedule raises. You may even be able to notice trends that cause employees to leave. You can then address these issues so that they are no longer turnoffs for your employees.

Workforce devices also assist in searching for the right type of employment candidate for you. The tools can narrow down employees that are interested in your type of work, where they are located, and if they can advance career-wise within the company. This will give business owners a better chance to get the type of employee they want. With a robust workforce, you’ll be able to rise above competitors in your industry.

Relationship Building

As most business owners and investors know, relationships between employees and employers are central to business success. Workforce intelligence helps you focus on what can enhance your workplace relationships. This data can provide better collaboration techniques and help you understand potential issues between employees. When your employees are happier it is easier to focus on other business items that may be holding you back from outpacing your competitor. 

Making Decisions

Decision-making can be difficult in a competitive industry. Workforce tools help investors or business owners to make the correct decisions about where to invest time and money. The metrics of this intelligence provide information on different pathways for your business. Each pathway has a possible ending, which the workforce displays intuitively, making it easier for you to make logical, data-driven decisions. 

No Room for Competition

These are just a handful of ways that workforce intelligence can help your business thrive. Competition can put even the greatest businesses out on the street, but workforce tools allow you to get ahead and minimize competition. When searching for companies that have a wide range of information, the more data the better. Invest in workforce intelligence today so your company can stay ahead of the competition. 

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