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OTBT shoes is a popular international brand of women’s casual shoes.


Women’s casual shoes from OTBT are designed for individuals who are aware that you cannot see the world from a bus seat, railway berth, boat railing, or aeroplane porthole. OTBT Shoes are the comfy shoes of choice for wanderers who like to take the less-travelled paths. 

Those of you who know that getting there is half the fun should ramble on, you wanderers, rovers, and rolling stones. Women’s casual shoes by the international footwear company OTBT were created with travellers in mind. 

This distinct brand, which draws inspiration from music and culture, uses premium materials, leathers with an earthy theme  and pays close attention to every last detail. OTBT is a lifestyle, not just a company.

OTBT shoes, sandals, and boots are perfect for travelers:

Because their firm is called OTBT, which stands for “Off The Beaten Track,” you might guess that the design of their footwear is not typical given the name of the brand. Do you know anything about OTBT Shoes

This one-of-a-kind brand is distinguished by its use of high-quality fabrics, leathers that take their inspiration from the natural world, and meticulous attention to detail. Because OTBT shoes are “made with the traveller in mind,” according to the company’s website, it stands to reason that comfort is an integral element of their very nature.

The new sole is where the story begins:

Our soles are made with a combination of natural and recycled rubber, and they contribute to the reduction of industrial waste. Additionally, they contain as much as 33 percent natural materials, which include a mixture of natural rubber and rice husk ash silica. 

The characteristic flecked sole of OTBT Shoes is created by combining this compound with recycled rubber shavings and then moulding the resulting product.

Our environmental cotton lining:

Our eco cotton lining is woven from 67 percent eco cotton yarn, which is weaved from leftover scraps obtained from the textile industry. This yarn is then used to make our most environmentally friendly models. It has a pleasant feel to the touch and helps support an upcycle lifespan that repurposes waste from industry.

Step out towards a more sustainable future with every stride:

Step Lite foam is a key part of our travel light collection, and all of the waste is turned into something else thanks to responsible manufacturing. Step Lite has a unique molecular structure that makes it lighter and more flexible than EVA. It also has springback technology that keeps its shape and reforms after each step.

The most environmentally friendly sneakers are:

We are pleased to announce the debut of our most eco-friendly sneakers to date. OTBT’s Greener Sneakers lower our footprint through transparency. Each shoe is made from natural and recycled rubber, water bottles, and rice husks. Our chrome-free leather tanning lowers water waste, and excess water is recycled. Handmade in Brazil.

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