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What Happens at a Consultation For Invisalign? 


If you’re considering getting fitted for an Invisalign, it’s understandable that you may have a few questions. What happens during a consultation? How much does an Invisalign cost? Here is some more information about the product: 

Your First Appointment: What to Expect 

During your first appointment for an Invisalign consultation, you should expect to get a 3D image of your smile. Depending on where you choose to get your Invisalign, this can be done remotely. If you choose to go through a virtual-only process, you’ll be sent dental impressions. Dental impressions are imprints of your teeth, gums, and the structure of the inside of your mouth. After your initial consultation and dental impressions, your treatment will be set. Your orthodontist or Invisalign provider will create a custom-made program for you.

How Much Does an Invisalign Cost? 

Several factors will affect your cost of Invisalign. Your Invisalign may cost more if you have quite a lot of issues to correct. The clear aligners may cost more depending on how long your treatment is, as well as if there are any specifics prescribed by your provider. 

Many providers offer different ways to pay for this treatment. They may make accommodations such as a courtesy discount if payment is made in full or a payment plan could be created for you. Depending on your provider, Invisalign can cost as low as your monthly phone bill ddmalar.com.

Benefits of a Clear Teeth Aligner 

There are many options to straighten one’s teeth. You may opt for the classic braces or you may choose an Invisalign for the plethora of benefits. Adults may choose clear aligners as they are practically invisible. With these teeth straightening options, you floss and brush your teeth regularly, remove them when eating or drinking, and can easily hide the fact that you’re fixing your teeth. Each set of aligners is only worn for 14 days until the next pair is administered. 

Unlike metal or clear braces, Invisalign is more comfortable. These teeth straighteners get your teeth aligned sooner than regular braces. They are a great option for teenagers and adults. Aligners are removable. If your teen plays sports or plays in a band, these aligners may be more convenient for their activities. With clear aligners, you don’t have to worry about food restrictions.

Who will Benefit from Choosing Invisalign?

When choosing a smile corrector, you should look at all of your options. Invisalign may not always be an option. Many people would benefit from choosing Invisalign because of the flexibility it allows you. There may be some people that are not comfortable with wearing them for 20+ hours a day, like your teen. 

If you’re worried that your teenager isn’t wearing their Invisalign properly, you can easily check. Invisalign comes with a blue dot wear indicator. If your teen isn’t wearing their aligner properly, the blue dot will remain. When the blue dot fades away, it’s an indication that the Invisalign is being used correctly. 

What Type of Issues Does Invisalign correct? 

Every smile is different and may not be corrected the same way. Invisalign corrects a wide variety of teeth issues. It fixes crooked teeth, over and under bites, cross bites, gaps, open bites, and crowded teeth. Some issues may be better fixed with braces. These issues include tooth position and shape, larger gaps between teeth, extrusion and intrusion, and midline movements. Your provider should be able to help chooses the right option for you.

Getting Started on Your Straight Teeth

If you’ve decided to begin your smile-correcting journey, here are a few things to consider when choosing a provider. It may be beneficial to choose a provider that is either located near you or is available virtually. You can choose the convenience of scheduling a consultation remotely over going to an office. A consultation for Invisalign can be done 100% virtually. Choosing the right provider can be difficult, so, read reviews to make sure they are the right fit for your needs. A highly recommended Invisalign specialist may have their own orthodontist practice. Remember to factor in the Invisalign cost when looking for a provider. 

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