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Do I Need to Bring Anything for My Wedding Photographer on the Big Day?


Working with a wedding photographer starts several weeks before the big day. You’ll discuss your love story, the wedding theme, shortlist, shot location, and wedding day expectations. Everything starts when you type wedding photographers near me or find a referral from a friend or family. Next, you must review each offer to find the best photographer based on your needs. You should also find out if the photographer has unique requirements for the big day.

What to Bring Your Photographer on the Wedding Day

Once you choose a photographer, you can start working on the logistics and wedding day program. Your wedding photographer should know the venue, theme, special quests, lighting conditions, and other aspects. The wedding day is about you, so you don’t need to bring anything extra for the photographer. Nothing should stop you from tipping, feeding them, or providing extra hospitality. Here are five things you can obtain for your photographer:

1.    Copy of the Shot List & Program

If you choose professional photographers, they’ll typically have the wedding program and shortlist ready for the big day. You can bring a copy of the list of things you discussed. The photographer will use your copy as a reference. Remember to include the list of important people who’ll be part of the album. Note their names and phone numbers if the photographer needs to assemble the family for a group photo. Here are the key things to include in the list:

  • Who and what to capture apart from you, your fiancée, and the wedding party.
  • A copy of the photography timeline created alongside the photographer and vendors.
  • A list of all family groupings you’d like photos of and the shot locations
  • Special moments you’d like to happen at some point during the day
  • Details on special personal items like jewelry, family heirlooms you’d like highlighted
  • A list of VIPs and extra-special family members you must have a photo with

Details are in everything in wedding photography, so you should speak with your photographer so they can take the right shots. The invitation, program, special signs, gifts, wedding rings, dress/suits, shoes, cuff links, jewelry, bouquet, corsages, and boutonnieres should stay close. Once the shots are taken, you can proceed to preparation and pre-ceremony. The wedding shot list should cover everything from the start to the grand exit.

2.    Thank You Card or Gift

Your wedding photographer is one of the hard-working people at the event. Although photographers don’t need any gifts, it doesn’t hurt you to thank them for their work. You can offer a verbal thank you message to everyone for the work they put in. Such gratitude can boost the photographer’s confidence. Preparing a special thank you card is even better. The photographer can use it on their website or offer it to the next client who needs references.

Many people don’t realize the power of tipping and what it means to photographers. You don’t need to tip your photographer since you’re already paying for their services. Offering a gift card for a massage, manicure, or even a monetary tip speaks volumes. You can check dinosaur gift ideas for adults and gift it to your photographer as a token of your gratitude if they do a great job. Tipping also opens doors for a relationship and future discounts for your friends and family planning a wedding.

3.    Organize Meals and Security

Your photographer is part of the special guests attending your wedding. Feeding the photographer isn’t your responsibility, but treating them to special meals will be much appreciated. Such acts of kindness can attract favorable discounts when footing your bill. The photographer will also value your edits and produce the best quality photos because of your hospitality. Ask the catering team to reserve a special meal for the photographer.

Photographers work well when their security and equipment safety is guaranteed. You can organize security services to protect guests and vendors. Inspect the venue before the big day to determine areas that require reinforcement and extra security. The guest list should also be enforced strictly to prevent unwanted attendees. Your photographer should control the footage without people encroaching into their space. 

The Best Wedding Photographers Near Me

Searching for wedding photographers near me online is a great way to find local professionals. Working with local wedding photographers has many advantages, but you need experienced individuals. Weddings come once in a lifetime, so you’ll want only the best to capture your special day. Stick to photographers with a growing reputation and list of happy clients. Before hiring a wedding photographer, you can look at their portfolios to gauge service and quality.

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